What We Use

Glucose Blood Testing = Keto Mojo

Amazon Link for Kit + 20 Test Strips

The launch of Keto-Mojo single-handedly brought the cost of ketone strips down significantly, making testing and accountability more accessible to millions. And while we continue to provide state-of-the-art testing that is affordable, we’re more than a meter!

Supplements = Firestarter

Amazon link for 180 capsules

100% Grass Fed Suet rendered to form tallow contains valuable nutrients and fat-soluble vitamins that support weight loss and healthy body composition, energy, exercise performance, mood, insulin sensitivity, and mitochondrial fat-burning including vitamins K2 & E, as well as stearic acid and other essential fatty acids. 

Vitamins = Mercola Vitamins

Amazon link for 30 capsules

Their formula provides 180 mcg of vitamin K2 in the patented, clinically supported MK-7 (MenaQ7) form to promote healthy, flexible arteries and overall heart health, as well as bone health.*

B12 Vitamins = Pure Vitamins

Amazon link for 60 capsules

Vitamin B12 and folate are interrelated in function. They convert carbohydrates into energy, and are vital in the metabolism of fats and protein. They play an important role in the maintenance of muscle tone in the G.I. tract, the functioning of the nervous system, and the integrity of skin, hair, and the liver.

Sleeping Aid = Chili Pad

Amazon link for king size chili pad

Sleeping cooler allows you to sleep through the night. Technology can make our lives better + that is certainly our goal at Chili. From sunrise to sunset, the team behind Chili has spent a combined 155,000+ hours collaborating, researching, and testing to bring the world cooling and optimized sleep.

Sleep Tracking Device = Oura Ring

Link to Oura Ring website

Day and night, Oura helps you realize your potential through three simple scores: Readiness, Sleep, and Activity. While you’re awake, Oura captures data that reflects your activity and movement. When you’re sleeping, Oura captures meaningful data as nighttime is the best opportunity to get an accurate read on your overall health as your body is in a more consistent state.

Grass Fed Beef = Belcampo

Link to Belcampo website

At Belcampo, they do things differently—with purpose. From how they farm our climate-positive grazing pastures to our USDA-approved butchery, they care about every step. They’re committed to delivering meat that’s good for you, good for the animals and good for the planet. Meat you can trust—start to finish.

Infra Red Light   = Joovv Mini

Link to Joovv website

The Joovv Mini 3.0 is ideal for targeted treatment areas. The Mini is available with the Door Mount System, Tabletop Stand or Boot Floor Stand. As part of Joovv’s patented design, the Mini is expandable to both the Half-Max and Max kits, so you can build up to an ideal light therapy setup.

Bone Strengthening Wellness Center = Osteostrong

Link to Osteostrong website

OsteoStrong® is not a gym, diet, supplement, pharmaceutical, or a medical treatment. OsteoStrong® is a unique place where you can go to improve your overall health by focusing on the one thing we all have in common: a skeletal system.

Bone Broth = OWL Bone Broth

Link to OWL bone broth website

In addition to the wide array of benefits bone broth has to offer, they infuse their OWL broths with medicinal herbs, transforming them from a traditional stock into a powerful elixir that tastes more like a tea. Their bison bone broth elixir contains turmeric and lion’s mane which reduce inflammation, support brain health, and alleviate anxiety.

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