Super Easy Keto Chocolate Mousse with Avocados

Carol’s Shot Glass Cookbook

This takes no time to make, isn’t messy and it’s so rich you’ll be satisfied after having a very small helping.

These are the ingredients:

100 g of 90% dark chocolate

2 shot glasses of Xylitol made from beech trees

1 teaspoon of Vanilla Extract

1 teaspoon of vanilla powder

3 shot glasses of almond milk

1 shot glass of powdered unsweetened cocoa

2 large avocados

Blueberries for decoration and crunc

Note: Blackberries and Raspberries work too


  1. Melt dark chocolate in double boiler.
  2. Add xylitol, vanilla, almond milk, cocoa, bit of salt (optional) and stir until melted and blended
  3. I use a hand held mixer to blend the avocados in a steep sided container, then add the chocolate mixture, and blend for at least 30 seconds until really smooth. Take a fork and make sure it’s blended well.
  4. Chill for at least 2 hours. Decorate with room temperature berries

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