Meditation and Mindfulness

I attended meditation sessions in the middle of Avebury last year. Covid restrictions moved the sessions to zoom.

Meditation comes in many forms and there is some interesting research done on the benefits gained from daily practice.

At mindfulness exercises I found links to two research studies:

“What Science Says:

A 2020 study of firefighters found resilience is not only trainable, but mindfulness training is far more effective than relaxation training when it comes to building resilience. In addition, those who received mindfulness training were more likely to continue and practice on their own, than those who received relaxation training only. This continued practice strengthens positive outcomes and long term resilience.

Similarly, a 2018 study on those in the human service industry found mindfulness training not only resulted in improved resilience and quality of life, but the results of this mindfulness training remained, when measured again one month later.”


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