First Post for Carol’s Shot Glass Cookbook

The shot glass is my favourite kitchen tool.

I’ve learned a lot from watching friends cook. I’ve also watched as Jamie Oliver throws casually measured ingredients into his pots . That has given me the confidence to adopt some measures in the kitchen that I find helpful and want to share. One such is using a plain shot glass as a fast way to measure ingredients for recipes. A full to the brim shot glass should hold four tablespoons, so half holds two, a quarter holds just one. One tablespoon is three teaspoons. So one shot glass pretty much covers you for most sauces and two person recipes.

To begin with, you might want to mark two tablespoons. You can use a sharpie or anything you have to hand.

After a while you’ll be able to look and judge without any markings but for now, put two tablespoons of water in a shot glass and mark the waterline.

I use a shot glass for measuring every single day.


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