Green Avocado

Ancient Blood

A scientific survey, published in Nature, used blood from donors over 60 and donors under 30 to see how cancer reacted with the two different types of blood. Cancerous cells were put into the blood samples. The study found that the cancer reacted differently; in older blood: “cells became much more aggressive, much more metastatic […]

Avocado Avocado Vinaigrette

Carol’s Shot Glass Cookbook Avocado Avocado Vinaigrette  I try to have home-made vinaigrette prepared and ready in the refrigerator. This recipe is easy to make and delicious on hard boiled eggs, filling the middle of an avocado or for dipping vegetables into, like a slice of cucumber or celery sticks. Half a shot glass (ie […]

Foamy Mint Matcha Keto Latte

Carol’s Shot Glass Cookbook Foamy Mint Matcha Keto Latte This is what you need: Mint tea Half a teaspoon of powdered matcha tea One or two tablespoons of MCT oil One or two tablespoons of unsalted butter Put a kitchen towel over your blender and blend everything up except the collagen powder. Then put the […]

History of the Avocado

A Very Short History of the Avocado and a recipe Avocados are an ancient fruit, native to Mexico. Botanically, the fruit is a berry. Archeologists have discovered ten-thousand-year-old avocado seeds in caves in Mexico and believe they were cultivated from 3,000 BC. Sir John Sloane was writing about the plants of Jamaica in 1696 and […]