Negitoro with Baugette

Click to enlarge pictures A favorite of me and my friends, this simple appetizer is the perfect dish to bring to a dinner party. If you’re from Vancouver and have been to Hapa Izakaya Downtown, this dish here was heavily inspired by the dish they serve with the same name. We think we’re close, but… Read More »

Fried Prawns

Click to enlarge Probably not the best idea to use frozen prawns here as the dish’s flavor is really held up by the sweetness of fresh fresh fresh (did I mention fresh?) produce. Medium sized prawns work nicely here as the really huge ones take too long to cook.

Caramelized Onions and Roasted Garlic

Click to enlarge. The recipes posted so far haven’t involved much in the way of prepared ingredients, but I’m going to take one step back today and show you how to make roasted garlic and caramelized onions. These prepared ingredients will keep in the fridge for a couple of days and help give your food… Read More »

Scalloped Potatoes

Click picture to enlarge So simple that a monkey could make it… and if they could, I bet you they would because it beats eating bananas any day. A flavorful cheese works out really nicely here

Portobello Mushroom Open-faced Sandwich

Click to enlarge photo Portobello mushrooms are a great way to get vegetarian whiners to shut up. It’s made as a sandwich here, but makes for an excellent substitute for burger patties. It’s freezing cold outside right now so I’m going to give instructions for the oven, but these mushrooms can easily be grilled with… Read More »

Choosing a kitchen knife

If I had a limited budget to spend in a kitchen, the one thing that spend a decent amount on would be the ubiquitous chef knife. Why? Because it’s used for everything. From slicing tomatoes to dicing fish to everything in between, your chef knife will see more use than any other knife in your… Read More »

BBQed Ribs… without the BBQ

Click to enlarge Remember those BBQ ribs you’d have as a kid during the summertime? Juicy, sweet with tender fall-off-the-bone meat? Well, here’s a quick (well, kind of quick), easy recipe that requires no BBQ, but tastes almost as good.