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Pan-seared Salmon with Roasted Vegetables

Click to enlarge Fish has somewhat of a reputation for being difficult to cook. Where that reputation came from, I’ll never know. Here’s a quick and easy salmon recipe that I blatantly borrowed from Gordon Ramsay. It can be prepped and cooked in under 30 minutes which makes it ideal for a quick evening meal… Read More »

Potato Seafood Pancake

It’s known in Korean restaurants as Haemool Pageon, but I like to call them Hamal Pigeons. Order it my way in Korean restaurants and waiters will either graciously attempt to teach you the correct pronunciation or give you the thousand-dagger stare – either way, hilarity ensues.

Clams, Sausage and Spaghetti in white wine sauce

Click to enlarge With the scares of red tide and various other maladies associated with shellfish, it comes as no wonder that people tend to shy away from cooking these little bastards. In keeping with my theme of making food accessible to all, here’s my take on things…

Fried Prawns

Click to enlarge Probably not the best idea to use frozen prawns here as the dish’s flavor is really held up by the sweetness of fresh fresh fresh (did I mention fresh?) produce. Medium sized prawns work nicely here as the really huge ones take too long to cook.