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Chili Breakfast Wrap

Click to enlarge The problem with making a large amount of food is that you have leftovers. When you follow a recipe like mine, you have a lot of leftovers. This means that you have to come up with creative ways of making those leftovers so that you aren’t stuck eating the same thing three… Read More »

Chocolate Pancakes with Caramel Sauce

Click picture to enlarge. As promised, here is the first derivative recipe I’m posting from my base pancake recipe found here. The ingredients are much the same with the addition of some chocolate to the pancakes. If you are really itching to get diabetes, I’d suggest taking something like a Mars bar, chopping it up… Read More »

Vanilla-Rum Cinnamon Raisin French Toast

Superstars are the key to building great legacies. What would happen if Jordon didn’t lead the Bulls? Would the Oilers have been the same without Gretzky? Could Yamaha dominate MotorGP without Rossi? No! The same thing applies to food. You need a little Mojo to make things taste better. With regards to French Toast, that… Read More »

Vanilla Cinnamon Pancakes

Click to enlarge I came up with this when I got annoyed at the recipes out there that call for a million and one ingredients. Pancakes are supposed to be simple comfort food! Nevertheless, this base recipe gives you a lot of room to experiment and play around. I’ll probably post derivatives of this recipe… Read More »