Feta and Smoked Salmon Pasta

By | March 4, 2008

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If you’re in a hurry, then this recipe will help you eat right in only 10 minutes. This dish uses no salt instead relying on the ingredients to provide the flavor.


Pasta with filling – I used a medaglioni filled with sun-dried tomatoes and ricotta cheese
Smoked Salmon Lox – you can buy this in flat vacuum sealed packed.
Feta Cheese
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Fresh Pepper – if you don’t have a fresh pepper cracker yet, get one!

Cook the pasta according to directions. As it’s cooking, crumble the feta cheese and rip up the slices of salmon. Drain the cooked pasta and using the extra virgin olive oil, toss it with the cheese and salmon. Finish off with some fresh cracked pepper.

Feel free to experiment with this. Mix up the salmon with tuna. Replace the feta with goat cheese. The possibilities are endless.

4 thoughts on “Feta and Smoked Salmon Pasta

  1. ellenest

    This sounds good but I think it needs something green, maybe minced chives and parsley or perhaps even a little basil.

  2. Erin

    For something green you might try adding snow peas: just trim them and put them in the drainer. When you empty the pasta over them they get steamed perfectly, and they add a nice crunch to the salad.

  3. Ute Baum

    It truly is enjoyable to get great new suggestions for dishes along with straightforward approaches to cook them. We served up this recipe for supper a few days ago. All the family adored it, I’ll be preparing it on a regular basis from now on.


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