Fried Prawns

By | February 9, 2008

Fried Prawns

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Probably not the best idea to use frozen prawns here as the dish’s flavor is really held up by the sweetness of fresh fresh fresh (did I mention fresh?) produce. Medium sized prawns work nicely here as the really huge ones take too long to cook.

Eating prawns gets messy so don’t use this recipe for a romantic dinner – instead, buy a big bag, invite some friends over and have some good times with seafood and alcohol.


Live Prawns (1/2-1 lb per person is good depending on how much they eat and what other dishes you got)
Shallots (1 per 1-2 lbs is good)
Garlic (1/2 amount as you used with shallots)
Soy Sauce
Lemon Juice

Give the prawns a rinse to clean off the gunk and set aside. If you really want to, you can slice them along their backs so that you can clean off all the waste that accumulates there, but that’s a huge hassle. Eaten farmed fish before? Well they literally swim around in their feces and inhale it through their gills which gets to the meat. If you’re willing to eat that, then what’s a little prawn poop?

Anyways, slice up the shallots, chop up the garlic and fry them up with some oil in a pan on medium heat. Once the shallots start to turn translucent, throw in the prawns. When they’re about halfway cooked (ie, half red, half grey), add the soy sauce to taste and finish it off with the lemon juice.

If you’re using fresh lemon juice, half a lemon per 2-3 lbs is good. If it’s the stuff from the concentrate, use teaspoon or so per 2-3 lbs.

The MOMENT that they turn completely red or even slightly before, take off the pan and dump into a dish. They’ll continue to cook in the dish so this way you prevent overcooking.

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