BBQed Ribs… without the BBQ

By | January 17, 2008


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Remember those BBQ ribs you’d have as a kid during the summertime? Juicy, sweet with tender fall-off-the-bone meat? Well, here’s a quick (well, kind of quick), easy recipe that requires no BBQ, but tastes almost as good.

You’ll note that I’m pretty bad about putting in recipe units – that’s because cooking isn’t an exact formula and everyone has different tastes. This way, you can make enough to feed an army.. or maybe just one. In general, when making things like marinates, taste it first – If you don’t like the taste, then don’t use it!

Prep time – 10 minutes
Initial cooking time – 3-4 hours
Final cooking – about 30 minutes assuming you have a convection oven.


  • Ribs of your choosing – the ones used in the photo were pork side ribs, but baby back ribs will do the trick
  • Chicken Stock
  • Soy Sauce
  • Brown Sugar
  • BBQ sauce of your choosing (I like the smokiness of A1)
  • Honey

If you’d like to brown the ribs first, then you are free to do so. This will add a little extra flavour to them, but I much prefer to save time, so I usually go to straight to the braising stage.

To make the liquid for braising, mix the chicken stock, brown sugar and soya sauce together. To be honest, the soya sauce and brown sugar are quite optional, but adding them will make the taste of the ribs just a little more complex.I like to put in enough brown sugar to make the liquid quite sweet with just a hint of soya sauce (just barely enough to make the liquid dark).

Put the ribs in an oven proof container and pour in enough liquid to cover them. Cover the container and put into an oven @ 325 degrees for about 3 hours. If you like your ribs more tender, then 4 hours will do the trick, but I prefer my meat to not completely fall apart.

As the ribs are cooking, mix together your BBQ sauce and honey. Because I have a sweet tooth, I like to do 2/3 BBQ sauce to 1/3 honey, but you can of course adjust to your tastes. Use about 1/4 a bottle of BBQ to get started.

When the ribs are done, take them out of the liquid and put into a flat tray. Brush the tops with the mixture and put on the top rack of the oven to broil. If you are fortunate enough to have a convection oven, then it’ll take about 3 minutes or so. If not.. well, you’ll be waiting longer. The idea is that the heat from the broiler will help to thicken up the mixture so it sticks more readily to the ribs.

Once you see the sauce bubbling (with perhaps a touch of blackness), take out of the oven and repeat what you did. Flip them over and do the same for the other side.

Stack them on a plate and serve. Enjoy!

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