Monthly Archives: January 2008

Choosing a kitchen knife

If I had a limited budget to spend in a kitchen, the one thing that spend a decent amount on would be the ubiquitous chef knife. Why? Because it’s used for everything. From slicing tomatoes to dicing fish to everything in between, your chef knife will see more use than any other knife in your collection. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you decide what you want to buy. Continue reading

Japan Trip – Day 1 – Asahi, Pocky, Tonkatsu and Whale – oh my!

Tonkatsu Wako

With Vancouver having a population as diverse as it does, it comes as no surprise that our city has some of the finest cuisine around. From French to Chinese to Japanese, there are restaurants that can satisfy any desire at almost any price point. Having grown up in Vancouver, it’s been interesting to see how the tastes of my friends and I have changed over time. To think that just six years ago, Kamei Royale with its all you can eat menu was our favourite Japanese restaurant. Continue reading